Previous Reports

Selected Previous Reports

Some Wellesley Institute reports

  • Taking Stock of Supportive Housing for Mental Health and Addictions in Ontario (2016) what mental health supportive housing exists and how the system evolved LINK
  • Supportive Housing in Ontario: Estimating the Need (2017) LINK
  • Seeking Supportive Housing: Characteristics, Needs and Outcomes of Applicants to The Access Point (2018, with F. Sirotich et al.) supportive housing waiting list analysis LINK

Housing needs, rental market, and related policy

  • Where’s Home? 2013 (ONPHA and CHF, with J. Wilson) Overview of rental housing trends and needs LINK
  • Rental Market Data from the 2011 National Household Survey (ONPHA 2013) and the return of net rental demand LINK
  • Housing and Homelessness Needs Assessment: City and County of Peterborough (2013, with TWC) LINK
  • Moving Forward on Affordable Housing and Homelessness in Northern Ontario (HSC and NOSDA 2012) LINK
  • Rental Trends in Toronto 2016 Census (Wellesley Institute blog with Scott Leon, 2017) surging upper-income rental LINK
  • National Housing Strategy highlights (3 Wellesley blogs 2017) the good/soft/splashy in NHS; implications for Ontario & GTA LINK

Contributor – major Toronto housing reports

  • Report of the Mayor’s Homelessness Action Task Force (City of Toronto, 1999) LINK
  • Housing Patterns and Prospects in Metro (Housing Trends and Needs Study, 1996)

Selected Presentations

  • Reviewing Provincial Affordable Housing Policy in Ontario, 2002-2012 (ONPHA conference 2013) LINK
  • How Housing Shaped Social Mix (or not) in Toronto LINK
  • Canada’s Unique Rental Housing History LINK